Ladies, to keep most men happy one of the biggest secrets is sex. Yeah a man might say he is ok as long as he haves you but sometimes sex is how a man expresses his love to you. Please do not deny him or men her this gift from God when your married it sucks. Some men will go hunt if he can’t get what’s properly his at home.

Men, ladies need someone they can talk too. If you want them to be happy make sure you take time out your day no matter how busy it is to tell them about how you miss them and good they make you feel. I will update more of this later but honestly they want sex but they want to fill important too. This is a wife not a hoe or a one night stand married folks here.  If you are married and would like to add to this please do.

Too both hubby and wife, listen and pay attention to each other because some times you two might be on the same page but you argue because how it comes out. A simple thing is that if you don’t pay attention to what you listening too you make headaches, for instance spouse says “The grass is beautiful and green.” Other spouse says, “The beautiful green grass is nice.”  This could mean two different things or the same thing to a married couple. So step back understand what the two are you are talking about and if you have too ask questions to each other for the two of you could destroy a marriage by actually agreeing about the same thing and not realizing what the two are you are arguing about.

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